Extending to The Cloud: Diversify Your Deployments

In previous blogs, Tear Down DC Walls and Enrich Your Data Services, we’ve been looking at the boundless data center: using VMware Cloud on AWS to extend your data services and applications to wherever they are needed.

Yes, it’s about agility and mobility. But it’s also about efficiency, availability and stability. VMware Cloud, as a hybrid deployment with the Hitachi Vantara Unified Compute Platform (UCP), provides strong disaster recovery capabilities.

One of the key considerations from this point of view is diversification. Simply, you don’t want to bet the entire infrastructure on a single platform.

A borderless deployment, blending a private, on-premise environment with hybrid and pure public cloud deployments, gives you the flexibility and assurance of continuous service that you need. Hitachi Vantara’s converged or UCP hyper-converged infrastructure is optimized for this kind of architecture.

The goal is total visibility, control and protection of your data, with all the freedom of distribution and accessibility that flows from it. Call it digital transformation, modernization, or whatever phrase suits your vision, the ability to treat your data as an asset that continually grows in value is now a key source of competitive advantage.

You don’t want your data locked into the walls, both logical and physical, of your data center. But you also don’t want it out in the wild, at the mercy of careless users and malicious third parties. Diversification gives you the blend of liberation and control that allows you to mobilize data in the way that end users and customers have come to expect.

For management purposes you can have a single view of your entire multi-platform infrastructure. You can also deploy services wherever data assets are held, giving you end-to-end control of the entire data cycle: management, governance, mobilization and analytics. To generate real value, you need to be servicing your data, rather than your infrastructure.

A diversified infrastructure allows you to apply policies determining how different types of data are stored. Confidential or highly regulated data can be secured on premise, while essential management and operational data can be secured and made highly accessible to authorized users through the hybrid platform. Less sensitive data that needs to be retained can be stored safely in the public cloud.

It’s this kind of flexibility that is defining data strategy for many of our customers now. The key driver is often efficiency and cost reduction, with the option to purchase some services through a pay-as-you-go, or on-demand consumption model.

But the impact can be even greater, helping to transform the end customer experience by enabling more agile, personalized use of data. This is the other critical factor in the drive for transformation: these days, end customers are used to intuitive, responsive experiences, in the real world and online. They may be completely unaware of the complex use of data that enables their searching, sharing and shopping, but they know when things aren’t working.

A borderless data center is a true manifestation of this instant, always-on culture. With enriched data services and a diversified infrastructure, you can protect your data assets while extracting maximum value from them, taking the lead in the achievement of better business outcomes.

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