Extending to the Cloud: Enrich Your DATA Services

We’ve seen how VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS) is tearing down the walls of the data center to create a unified on-premise and cloud architecture Extending to the Cloud: Tear Down the Walls. In this post, I wanted to take a closer look at the strategic and cultural impact of this true hybrid deployment.  Specifically, how it is helping to redefine the role of data as a value-creating asset.

We have to look way beyond storage now. Digital transformation has made the management, analysis and mobilization of data a key source of competitive differentiation. If you can make better use of your data than your competitors, then you can innovate faster, accelerate time to value, and create superior customer experiences that build loyalty and boost revenue.

The borderless data center unlocks a wealth of possibilities for the enrichment of your data services. With AWS, you can explore new ideas around consumption, with no concerns about hardware-sizing exercises; no more worries about wasteful or inadequate provisioning.

Your organization can simply buy the services it needs, not the boxes that run them. You can direct authorized buyers of services to a store front, rather than filling the storage manager’s inbox with demands.

With this boundless architecture, you can deploy the full Hitachi Vantara data intelligence portfolio as a service on the AWS storefront. This is where the governance, analytics and mobilization of your data comes to life, with the Hitachi Content Platform providing the visibility and granular management you need to extract full value from structured and unstructured data.

Your data mobility is further enhanced with Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere, which provides the protection and compliance that allows you to employ cloud-based home directories. You can protect end-user data and easily recover from device failures, user error and threats such as ransomware.

Hitachi Content Intelligence provides an intelligent data discovery and transformation platform, incorporating data analytics, while Hitachi Data Ingestor simplifies file services and helps to reduce storage costs, with elastic, scalable, backup-free cloud storage gateways.

This is why I spoke of the cultural impact of VMware Cloud on AWS, and Hitachi Vantara’s commitment to the borderless data center. The ability to purchase and consume services with a flexible, on-demand model that is closely aligned with the way your organization works creates a new, agile mindset among the users of those services.

You can scale up and scale down according to demand, and rapidly deploy new services to meet new opportunities. That agility is critical as data becomes a constantly growing source of value and competitive advantage. Tools like Hitachi Content Platform allow you to work at speed with all kinds of data from multiple sources, including the rising tide of new data from the internet of things.

We’re in an industry that is used to disruption happening at incredible speed. Yet this is still an incredibly exciting time, as we see some of the oldest established principles of data storage and governance being overwhelmed and replaced with architectures that blend strong security with unprecedented agility.

Where the art, craft and science of data is concerned, we’ve never had it so good.

Data Intelligence on VMware Solutions Exchange/Marketplace. VMware Solution Exchange


Few Key takeaway(s):

  • Manage diversified deployments across Public, Hybrid, Private
  • Gain control of your data regardless of deployment considerations
  • Address business needs based on required services, not hardware platforms
  • Derive value from your data and create digital business agility
  • Integrate and Blend into the AWS Eco-System